Choose a flooring

The installation of a flooring involves aesthetics, architectural, technical and budgetary matters. First, what effect do you need? The prosecution offers various options effect on the color and essence of wood (clear, dark, honey, red, brown).
The width of the strip, their equipment: blades simple, English, broken sticks, Hungary point, or panels varied designs. Each of them creates a specific atmosphere. Various technical points must also be considered. How thick do you have? How to solve your problems acoustic insulation? What precautions to take if your home is heated by the ground? The practice is because of your parquet (daily life, parts of relaxation, frequent and repeated passages) also affects the choice of finishes. There remains, of course, the cost of prosecutors.
What do you prefer: a long-term investment, higher or a less expensive, but limited in time? What industrial partner has the experience necessary to pose a reliable? For your reliable installation, call the technicians Parquets Briatte. They will visit your home by appointment and establish a free estimate corresponds to the most powerful.

Nailed, glued, floating Water-resistant Exotic wood Colours and Atmospheres
The flooring references since 90 years
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