Nailed, glued, floating

For 30 years, specialists offer a wide variety of floorings suit all budgets and all uses. There are still traditional prosecutors, whose massive waves, with a width of 65 to 200 mm, are nailed to a wooden support (lambourdes or particle board). Its major assets: an exceptional lifetime (70 years minimum) and above all a sense of material, own the materials and mass. Less expensive, simpler and faster to install, prosecutors against Joiner 8 to 15 mm thick, varnish factory, offer a wide range of models and wood. They adapt to any surface rigid, flat and dry. That leaves prosecutors stuck to tread cement, or any other appropriate support, particularly advice in areas of heavy traffic, because of their stability and quality acoustics. Parquets Mosaic, blades of nesting 12-15-22 mm, flooring glued on vocals are the options available. What it is, the choice of a prosecutor is the product of reflection on the desired aesthetic, sound insulation, technical and budgetary matters. Parquets Briatte is at your disposal to provide all the necessary answers.

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