The idea to ask a flooring in a "water room", whether kitchen or bathroom, may seem strange. However, technical solutions-all qu'esthétiques-existent: it is flooring' offices resistant to water, proposed by Briatte.
Intended for bathrooms, the towers or the pool decks, they are made of Teck, Ipé, Assamela, Doussié, wood rot used for ages by the nautical world.

Very stable in wet, they are naturally fungicides and insecticides. In addition, wood Teck is remarkably sweet barefoot! The implementation of exotic wood is done outdoors, in the form of gratings, with a gap between each latte, or indoors, with a flexible joint sank between the slats after laying, as on the decks of boats.
The choice of wood and the laying technique requires a great experience. Once again, competence and flooring Briatte council will be your best guarantees.

The flooring references since 90 years
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