Colours and Atmoshperes

Natural wood or tinted cérusage, painted decoration, or even inlaid: the possibilities of creating an atmosphere by changing your procuracy is very extensive. Prime process: setting hue. Transparent, it gives your parquet color desired: honey, golden, old oak, walnut, etc… Applied after sanding, the hue is protected by a satin varnish, matte or gloss, to your taste, or a fund drive, encausticage before and polishing.
You make your choice from sampling color applied directly to your parquet. It can also be brushed to bring out the veining of wood, which gives the material and life.
It will run salaries above or apply a white white, blue, black or, why not green! For an optimal personalization, your prosecutor may receive a painted decor created specially for you.
Finally, a lacquer white or colored opaque can provide a very contemporary gloss. All of these treatments requires a measure like the one that assures you Parquets Briatte.

différentes teintes
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