Modern Flooring

There are many types of flooring, depending on the aspect wanted, the application method and use (public areas, private areas, collective equipment, etc). Strip flooring to be nailed or glued, flooring glued edgeways or in bars, cross-grained flooring, laminated flooring... Many European or exotic woo species are currently available, offering a very important choice of hardness and colour.
Our professionalism and our expertise help us take into account all factors that arise when installing flooring : nature and stability of bearings, ground reservation, heat and sound standards, room humidity, required flexibility for sports room flooring, wood tints and patina.

The choice of flooring is always the result of a compromise between the aspect wanted, technical requirements and budget. Based on all those factors, Parquets Briatte will bring the solutions that best meet your needs

The flooring references since 90 years
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